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May I not forget to say a word of blessing for all the veterans who have sacrificed their lives on June 6th, 1944 so that the World War 2 would come to a halt. God bless them and their families. If you have missed series 1 of declaratory prayers, get it here.

For a believer, the mouth is one of the greatest tools that God has given us to enforce his will on earth through the power of declaratory prayers. Yet that power to declare and make earthly laws by decrees can be nullified when we ignore the matters of our hearts.

The Bible tells us that the heart of a man is desperately wicked that it takes God, I mean even God himself to perform thorough searches to bring out its content. Beloved, the state of your heart has a direct effect on the power of your declaratory prayers. You can’t ignore the state of your heart and believe that you can make a declaration and expect it to come to pass. And our greatest problem at present is that we are constantly making declarations without giving careful heed to the state of our hearts.

Recently, I was awakened to the fact that if my declaration will be potent, my heart can’t be left out of the matter. It became a practical thing that I do. Checking and lurking around the borders of my heart. I examine it daily to see if it is completely and totally aligned with the will of God. As I rely on constant checks on the status of my heart, I began to see great results in my prayers. My declarations also became an irresistible force that can’t be stopped.

Brethren, what happens to your heart can affect the power of your declaration and decrees. Prayers of declaration should come from a pure heart. No wonder Apostle Paul said I exercise myself to have always a conscience that is void of offence towards God and towards men.

Beloved, search your heart and see what lay inside. When we have things bottled up inside us, that we have not confessed or asked God to cleanse our hearts, we become victims of powerless declaratory prayers.

Your spoken words will begin to make meaning here on earth when you consider what happens in your heart. As our generation ignores the place of the heart, our declarations and decrees have deteriorated in power and in effect. Look through your Bible and you will be amazed at the words and declaration that some saints have spoken and it came to pass. These men weren’t Pastors, or Apostles, or even men of God. They were ordinary believers like you and me, yet heaven held the words of their mouths with high esteem. When they speak, everything was performed for them as though they are favoured sons of God. They aren’t. But these men and women have cultured and nurtured their hearts to always be in complete alignment with the will of God. And as they do, their words are heavier than that of others.

The power to make decrees and declarations is given to all and sundry who have become the sons of God. However, those who can wield that power of prayers spoken by words are believers who have understood that their heart is the seat of their decrees and declaration prayers. So constantly they are searching their hearts. Finding out if there are instructions left undone or if there are unconfessed sins or if there are things that ought to have been carried out if there are things which must be put in place.

When God drew my attention to this fact through a message, called Basic Prayer Lessons, my perspective on prayer changed. It enhanced my desire to not only make declaratory prayers but to also ensure that my heart is not left out as I seek to make laws and decrease by what I am saying through my lips. The power of decrees and declaration can become effective only when we pay attention to what is happening in our hearts. Our heart is everything to God. That is why when God wants to save a man, he sends words into the heart of the man. Physically, the man’s hairdo remains the same. And when I am referring to man, I mean both men and women. The colouration of the hair unaltered, the face is still the same that you have known over the years. But deep within the heart that person, a change and transformation had occurred. Suddenly, the person who was cursing stopped, the person who was a heavy drinker ceased drinking, the fornicator changes his ways, the lady who had made clubs and bars, parties a bosom companion discard that way of life and took on a different thing life. Oh, the heart!

But we soon forget the importance of the heart as we grow in Christ and just want to have everything we say implemented without consideration of the heart.

1 Samuel 10:9

And it was so, that when he had turned his back to go from Samuel, God gave him another heart: and all those signs came to pass that day.

When Samuel met Saul on the way and prophesied to him that he would become King, the Bible says for the words to come to pass, God had to give Saul another heart. The moment he got a heart that is in perfect alignment with God, everything spoken over him came to pass. To me, I felt like the heart of Saul was a great barrier to the prophecies that were issued from the mouth of God through his servant, Samuel. And as long as the heart of Saul remained in that original state, the prophecies won’t be fulfilled, and the words couldn’t become a reality. God gave him a new heart and all those signs came to pass that day. Maybe this should be a prayer we should all be praying in our generation. A heart that is in synergy with God, so that when we begin to make declaratory prayers and decrees, nothing will stop them from coming to pass. I have long been tired of the status quo in my life. I have spoken words and said a lot of things that their manifestation was never brought to existence. But the moment I gave heed to the status of my heart, things changed. Now I make declaratory prayers with the heaviest confidence that they will come to pass as I have spoken them. I have learnt to give my heart complete and total attention. As I do, my decrees, declarations, and prayers all assume a new dimension.

This is God calling our attention to the things that are stopping our declarations and decrees – OUR HEARTS!

When last have you searched it out? When last have you examined it? When you pay attention to your heart, your prayers of declarations and decrees will be heard all the time. Watch out for series 3.

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