There is no better time to know that the Lord is your shield than now when a pandemic has broken forth in the world, and it is killing people in their numbers. If you listen to the news being churned out by the media every day, you may be taken by fear. The Corona Virus is increasing day by day and countries who haven’t recorded any figure are recording their first cases.

There is no better time than now to bring you the word of the Lord concerning matters like this. I was praying against this virus early in February when the Lord showed me a vision that made me to know that this virus is a spirit. The Bible tells us that there is the spirit of infirmity. No disease on earth is without a spirit. Most infirmities are sponsored by spirits. And this Coronavirus too is a spirit.

This doesn’t mean that as a believer you shouldn’t take precautions. Take all the necessary hygienic precautions that you need to take but remember the victory is of the Lord. During Bible days, there were several instances of pandemics that spread in the land of Egypt. You know what? God’s children were spared. God told the children of Israelites that I will put none of these diseases which I brought on the Egyptians. Fear not child of God! God didn’t keep you on the earth to be wasted by a virus. You are important and your being alive is for a purpose that is either unveiled or which may later be unveiled.

What did the Bible say concerning diseases like this?

Exodus 15:26- God is your healer.

2 Peter 2:24- Jesus took the infirmity of the Corona Virus

Psalms 23- Even though you walk through the valley of sicknesses, it shall not come near you.

Psalms 91- No matter the effect of this pandemic, God says it won’t come near you.

Do not be afraid! God is aware that something like this was coming, and he has given his angels charge over you.

God bless you. Kindly comment on the blog post and let me know how this post has been a blessing to you.

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