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As the Ministry of Jesus was drawing to a close, he took his time and offered a very special prayer for all believers. In that prayer, Jesus referred to his oneness between him and his father. And he further asks God to make us one just as he is one with his own father.

John 17:21

That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.

Having been successful in carrying out all his mission and the work that the father entrusted into his hands, Jesus was speaking from the standpoint of personal experience due to the success he has recorded personally in his ministry. He knew that the success of his ministry on earth was attributable to the unity between him, his father, and the Holy Spirit. And he wants every believer living on the face of this earth to replicate the success he has enjoyed. So he offered this prayer from the bottom of his heart for us.

Do you ever wonder why the devil keeps attacking you from every aspect of your life? Have you ever wondered why the devil is tempting you to fall into sin? Of course, the devil knows that a believer that is in unity with the Holy Ghost is a danger to his own kingdom and his works of darkness. So all the concentration of his attack on your life is for the purpose of breaking that unity between you and the Holy Spirit.

The benefit of unity with the Holy Spirit to a believer is very enormous. A believer who is united with the Holy Spirit cannot make a wrong investment and lose money. A believer who is united with the Holy Ghost cannot and will never be in the wrong place that will lead to his destruction. A believer who is united with the Holy Ghost is a high flyer and will be at the top of his chosen field. Being united with the Holy Ghost, the spirit of God will tell him what to do and what not to so that the believer does not become a victim of circumstances.

Some of the problems that believers suffer is linked to the lack of unity between him and the Holy Ghost. The unity between the believer and the Holy Ghost does not give room for trial and error. The believer will always be on point, accurate and never making mistakes.

The devil, who is tricky, knows that there are things we can do as children of God that will break that unity we have with the Holy Ghost. Those are the things that the devil bring to the believer as temptations. The best thing that can ever happen to any child of God is to enjoy unparalleled unity with the Holy Spirit. The success of that believer will be immeasurable. Beloved, anything you can do to make sure you remain one with the Holy Ghost please, do it. It holds the key to your success on earth. And others who ignored this important question of unity are struggling to lead an exceptional Christian life. The problem they may have is not from God but the inability to keep themselves united with the Holy Ghost in every area of their lives.

How to make yourself united with the Holy Ghost

Knowing What He Wants

I reason that this is one of the greatest things you can do to ensure that you remain one with the Holy Ghost. What does the Holy Ghost want from you? It will be unthinkable for you to be sleeping while the Holy Ghost wants you to be walking. That will lead to a colossal problem of disunity. It will also be sad if the Holy Ghost wants you to be quiet and you are talking. Friends, staying connected with the Holy Ghost in unity is the best thing that can happen to any man. Find out what the Holy Ghost wants you to do and keep doing it.

Making the Holy Ghost happy

Jesus shared a very important key with us for the ever-abiding presence of the father while he ministered to men on earth.

John 8:29

And he that sent me is with me: the Father hath not left me alone; for I do always those things that please him.

Jesus made the father happy and the father was always with him. If we can learn this simple fact of pleasing the Holy Ghost, we will be in unity with him. Why do we need to make the Holy Ghost happy? The Holy Ghost can feel and sense things that is why the Bible says we should not grieve the Holy Spirit. It follows that the Holy Spirit can feel grief. And your ability to make him happy will keep you united with him. How do you make the Holy Ghost happy? The answer lies in the book of John 2:5, whatever he tells you to do, do it.

Spending time at his feet

The Holy Ghost is a person, and he longs for our physical presence. We have to spend time with him and not allow our busy schedules to distract our fellowship. If we do not have time for the Holy Ghost, how can we know what he wants us to do? As a young believer, I got to know several things God wanted me to do in my life in the place of fellowship with the Holy Spirit. And as I kept doing the things, my spiritual life grew at dimension I was surprised to see. Of course, I am still growing even now. But the importance of spending time with the Holy Spirit in fellowship and communion cannot be overemphasised. In fact, two people who are in love cannot know one another unless they spend time together. Our bond and love always grow when qualitative time is sacrificed for one another.

Friends, the best place you can ever be is not in Dubai or Hawaii or Disneyland. The best place to be in my own opinion is to be united with the Holy Ghost.

God bless you.

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