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As this month draws to a close, may I share something interesting with you? A subject that is wildly known among the body of Christ, yet the practical manifestation is rarely seen. Sometimes we talk about him, but don’t know him. It is the person of the Holy Ghost, the third person of the Trinity. Kindly, read this article to the end and comment on the blog post.

John 16:13

13 Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come.

Some believers refer to him as a thing. I felt something in my heart says to do this or do that. Of course, we will permit your mistakes to the extent of your knowledge. You won’t call your mother a thing, will you? You won’t call your husband, kid, or close friend a thing. As far as you are concerned, they are living persons and you have seen them behave like human beings. So if a believer is calling the Holy Spirit a thing, it is because the manifestation and friendship of the Holy Spirit are absent.

Someone may be asking, brother Pius, why do you take so much time writing and talking about the Holy Spirit? Simple! The Holy Spirit is closest to us than any other member of the Trinity. When you become close to him, the power of God and his glory in your life will explode like a massive volcano. I have written  a free  eBook on that How to become  a  friend of the Holy Ghost, it  can be  a good tool to help you start in building  a friendship  with him.

The Holy Spirit is so important that when Jesus was concluding his ministry, he pointed his disciples to him. Without the Holy Ghost, no believer can touch God’s realm or make him happy. The Bible says it is not by might, nor by power but by the spirit. Which spirit is the Bible talking about? The Holy Ghost.

But our generation is culpable of relegating the need for closeness with the Holy Ghost to the background. We speak about Jesus and the Father yet forget the person, the Holy Spirit, through whom the power of God the Father and God the Son is made manifest in us. And because we do not place so much value on the Holy Spirit as a person, it has greatly affected the level of sensitivity that we need to show to the Holy Ghost. Even when he makes an effort to get our attention, we are off, doing our own things! How grieved the Holy Spirit feels when we ignore him.

The Holy Spirit is a friend to those who are sensitive to him. Believers who can understand the codes of spiritual sensitivity are those who will have a great walk with the Holy Spirit. Whenever I think of how we go to school and college to get a degree for years, I wonder if we devote a lot of time knowing the Holy Ghost.

Today, I make a clarion call for self-study of the works of the Holy Ghost in your life. You need to be a good student of your own life. How does the Holy Spirit walk with me? What are the things he does? How do I experience him? Have you ever taken the time to ask yourself these questions and answer them? If he drops silent nudging in your heart, you must give great attention to that area and develop it.  Let it become a great area of strength since that is the way the Holy Ghost leads you and gives you direction. To build that area, you can read your Bible and books that have been inspired by the Holy Ghost. If the Holy Ghost often speaks to you by the inner ear, then you have to develop your hearing ability.

Your sensitivity to the Holy Ghost holds the key to your closeness to him. God may not have favourites, but God has close friends. By paying attention and becoming sensitive to the Holy Ghost, you are simply telling him that you care. And his response will be, a great level of friendship that he will show you.

Friends, as we step into the month of August, friendship with the Holy Ghost must become a priority.

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