Wisdom for Eternity

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There is something that the Bible says that we ought to be aware of.

1 Corinthians 15:19

If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable. 

The Bible says if only in this earth we have hope, then we are of all men most miserable. The life you lead does not end here. There is a life beyond this present earthly existence. No matter how faithful a believer is, there is a time that he must put off this mortal flesh and take up a body that can’t be destroyed no matter what. It is in line with this realisation that the Bible says, help us to number our days rightly that we may gain a heart of wisdom( Psalms 90:12). If you know that one day your days on earth will come to an end, there is a way that you will live your life. If you live with the wisdom of eternity, the life of righteousness will be one of the pursuits of your life.

No matter how blessed you may be. No matter how prosperous you become on earth. A time is coming that you will enter into the realm of eternity and when that time comes, are you ready for it?

If you have wisdom for eternity, you will live your life carefully on the face of this earth. There are places you won’t go. There are friends you won’t keep. There are choices you won’t make. All these are indices of wisdom for eternity. The people who live without wisdom for eternity live their lives anyhow. They don’t care what happens to them after they are gone. But the Bible makes us to understand that there is a life beyond this life. It is called the realm of eternity.

And how you live your life here on earth will determine where you will be in eternity. Beloved, do not live your life carelessly. Live your life with a sense of urgency. You do not have all the time on the earth. Your living here is timed with a definite date of ending if Jesus tarries to come. There is an attitude and you must use to approach all the assignment that God has entrusted into your hands. You do not have all the time in the world as people often say. One day, God will require you to give an accurate account of the time he has graciously by his mercies given to you. What will you do? Did you use the time well? Did you spend it pursuing vain things? Or did you apply the time judiciously and effectively?

Whatever you do with what God has given to you on earth, will be accounted for in heaven and in the realm of eternity. This accounts for the reason why we need to have wisdom for eternity, leaving our lives with the hope that one day we will leave this earth and enter into another realm. That is wisdom for eternity and we must leave with eternity in view.

I pray that the Lord will help us in the name of Jesus.

I pray that the Lord will give us wisdom for eternity in the name of Jesus, Amen.

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