Your prayers may not stop you from speaking subsequent words that are negative, but it will correct the previous words that you have spoken over your life. The temptation to speak negative words will always be there. It is going to be a battle. Even when Jesus was tempted, the Bible says the devil left him for a little season. The devil took a break, with the desire to come back again and continue to wage a war of temptation against the life of Jesus (Matthew 4:11).

Friends, it is going to be a battle. But as you continue to abide in the place of speaking the right words, you will prevail.

The temptation to speak contrary to scriptural prescription may be there. But your decision is what is going to help you. You have to make a decision, Lord, from today, I will not speak negatively anymore. And as you make that decision, God supplies the grace for you to continue to walk in it.

Any time you speak words that you know are out of Scripture, do not beat yourself. Ask the Lord for mercy and pick up the pieces from where you stopped and continue. That is the beauty of the Christian walk. The never-ending-flow of God’s mercies.

When we speak words that are contrary to God’s standard, we can always return to the throne of grace and find mercy in time of need.

If you practice scriptural speaking, a time is coming that when situations that contradict the reality of life comes, you will speak right no matter the circumstances. This is because your spirit man has already been trained by the word of God to react with scriptural words.

God bless you.

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