Hello, God bless you.

Glory to God that you are in November. I believe that all the things that God has purposed to do in your life this year must be accomplished in the Mighty name of Jesus.

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In this month of November, we will be dealing with the power of praying with wisdom.

I know that you have prayed a lot of prayers from January to this present month. But have you ever sat down to ask yourself why those prayers weren’t answered. Are there things that you needed to have done? Is the Lord saying patience is needed? Or is the Lord drawing your attention to something you need to do?

As men when prayers don’t seem to be answered, we trash them into the bin, forget them and begin to pray new prayer points.  When we do that, that istn wisdom. You’ve got to stay on it until you begin to see results. Since the year is already shutting down, it is time to sit down and do a small analysis of all the prayers that you have prayed this year.  You will do this in the presence of the Lord or create an atmosphere around you that the presence of God is very fertile and begin to make enquiries.

What are the things that I needed to have done Lord? And why were my prayers unanswered? Many time, we don’t hear God and learn wisdom because of our failure to enquire of him. And when you ask, wisdom from the mouth of God will illuminate some of the mysteries behind unanswered prayers.

Don’t be hasty in adding new prayers points to the things that you have already prayed. It is time to sit down, think and ask questions as nothing happens without a cause. Ask why it didn’t happen?

Ask questions and the Lord will answer you.


Matthew 7:7

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:

Friends, hold that prayer point and make an enquiry why it hasn’t been answered.

God bless you.


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