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As you follow and serve God diligently, a time is coming for God to uplift you. I pray that when that time comes, you will be ready for it.

The gift of God upon your life is God’s instrument of elevation. It is what God will use to promote you.  Proverbs 22:29 Seest thou a man diligent in his business? He shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men.

What you need to do right now is to fortify yourself with diligence. As you continue in diligence, your promotion will come one day.

Joseph was following God, and when it was time for God to promote him, God has to give Pharaoh a dream and lock the interpretation from the magicians of Egypt. Genesis 41:8.

And it came to pass in the morning that his spirit was troubled; and he sent and called for all the magicians of Egypt, and all the wise men thereof: and Pharaoh told them his dream; but there was none that could interpret them unto Pharaoh.

God’s Tool for Your Elevation

Joseph was gifted with an excellent spirit of interpretation of dreams. However, as gifted as he was, his gift couldn’t take me anywhere until he stood before Pharaoh, the king of Egypt. He interpreted pharaoh’s dream and when the king saw that the dream interpretation was accurate, he made Joseph his deputy.

When it was time for Daniel to be lifted, a dream was given to Nebuchadnezzar; the interpretation was coded in mystery. Daniel 2:1- 13.

And in the second year of the reign of Nebuchadnezzar Nebuchadnezzar dreamed dreams, wherewith his spirit was troubled, and his sleep brake from him.2:2 Then the king commanded to call the magicians, and the astrologers, and the sorcerers, and the Chaldeans, for to shew the king his dreams. So they came and stood before the king.2:3 And the king said unto them, I have dreamed a dream, and my spirit was troubled to know the dream.2:4 Then spake the Chaldeans to the king in Syriack, O king, live for ever: tell thy servants the dream, and we will shew the interpretation.2:5 The king answered and said to the Chaldeans, The thing is gone from me: if ye will not make known unto me the dream, with the interpretation thereof, ye shall be cut in pieces, and your houses shall be made a dunghill…..

Daniel’s time came for him to be blessed. Something must happen to bring him to prominence. So, Nebuchadnezzar was allowed to dream with the interpretation too difficult to unravel. And Nebuchadnezzar knew the mischievous character of the Astrologers in his time. They had deceived him many times with wrong interpretation. This time, he said, “I won’t tell you my dream. But you’ve got to tell me the dream and its interpretation.”

Daniel prayed about it, and God revealed it to him.

Daniel 2:19.

Then was the secret revealed unto Daniel in a night vision. Then Daniel blessed the God of heaven.

When Daniel finished telling the king the dream and its interpretation, the King responded as follows:

Daniel 2:46-48.

2:46 Then the king Nebuchadnezzar fell upon his face, and worshipped Daniel, and commanded that they should offer an oblation and sweet odours unto him.2:47 The king answered unto Daniel, and said, Of a truth it is, that your God is a God of gods, and a Lord of kings, and a revealer of secrets, seeing thou couldest reveal this secret.

God promoted Daniel using his own gift. Joseph was also promoted with his own gift. You know, I have come to realize that there is no need to copy anybody. No matter how little or mighty your gift is, God can use it to promote you. The key is to be faithful in whatever God has given unto you and through your faithfulness God will promote you.

God’s Tool for Your Elevation 2

The Pillars of Upliftment

  • Value for people

Joseph was in prison. He treated the prisoners well and when it was time for God to elevate him, God used one of the prisoners for his gift to find expression. The people you ignore today maybe God’s tool for your rising tomorrow.

Genesis 40:6-8.

40:6 And Joseph came in unto them in the morning, and looked upon them, and, behold, they were sad.40:7 And he asked Pharaoh’s officers that were with him in the ward of his lord’s house, saying, Wherefore look ye so sadly to day?40:8 And they said unto him, We have dreamed a dream, and there is no interpreter of it. And Joseph said unto them, Do not interpretations belong to God? Tell me them, I pray you.

If Joseph had been rude to them, no one would have recommended him at all to Pharaoh. The butler would have said, “that Joseph who has no respect, I can’t recommend him.”

Value for people doesn’t reduce you, it enhances you. Abraham met angels without knowing. The angels came in form of men with a great message of liberation for his wife’s barrenness. He showed them great value and the rest is history. See Genesis 18:4-10.

Imagine if Abraham had met them and told them that, what are you doing here? Does this look like a passage to you? He would have missed it completely. Value for people doesn’t actually take anything from you.

I have met several people from different parts of the world. A friend of mine  from America wanted my help with her school work. I would edit assignment and send it back to her in USA, Texas. I am in Africa here. Suddenly, her grade began to improve. She soared in good grades. And the comments from her teachers in school were amazing. The sister showed me some of the comments the teachers made on her papers. They will tell her that they love her writing and that she was good.

One day I was talking with the sister on the phone and she told me that she had prayed to God for improvement in academic life. God answered her prayers. But not in the way she had expected him to do so. He used someone from another part of the continent to answer her prayers. God did not come to her and say, behold, I will do this and do that so that you can pass your exams very well. God poured the grace in me, and as long as I was helping this sister with her school work, she excelled.

Some of the prayers you have been praying are in the hands of men. The blessings you are crying to God for? The new job. God won’t come down from heaven and spray dollar bill from heaven. He touches the hearts of men. If you don’t value people, then you can miss it. God might have answered the prayers, but your attitude towards men may have hindered them from coming to pass.

For this sister friend of mine, God was using a man to do all of that.  Value for people is part of godliness. In some of these people, like some of the answers to our prayers.

  • Fellowship and Communion

When the time came for God to lift up Daniel, he prayed. He didn’t sit down and said, “I know God is going to do this and do that.” He spent time with God in prayers, and God gives him the key to the mystery in the book of Daniel chapter 2 verse 19. A man that will be lifted is a man that knows his need for constant prayer and fellowship with God.

  • The Leading of the Holy Ghost

John 16:13:

Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come.

The leading of the Holy Ghost might not make sense to you all the time, or it might not even appeal to your human reasoning, but if you can learn how to follow it, you will never miss your day of divine visitation. He might be leading you to read a book or pray and fast.

Some believers have ignored the leading of the Holy Ghost and missed the day of their visitation. There are things that the Holy Spirit will tell you to do that won’t make sense to your human mind, but you are expected to follow his leading.

There are so many people that have missed the opportunity to be elevated in their school, job, office, or even church because they did not follow what the Holy Spirit was saying.

How to Restore Moments of Divine Elevation

If God has given you an opportunity to be lifted up and you wasted it, God can restore it back.

  1. Ask God for mercy. See 1 John 1:9, Hebrews 4:16, 1John 2:1-2. If God has given you an opportunity, and you wasted it, ask him for mercy so that the same opportunity can come back again.
  2. Be sensitive to divine signals. Pay attention to what God is saying
  3. Restore value for people.
  4. Stay in the place of prayer to sharpen your spiritual senses.

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