Changing your Prayer Notion

The guideline of prayer contained in this book is not the conventional type of prayer that you used to know. It is slightly different but it will keep you connected to God for many hours in the day. And for you to be able to flow effectively in this new prayer fashion, your notion of conventional prayer must change. Many of us have been taught to understand that there is an apparent need to look for a quiet environment in order to talk to God. That understanding of prayer is not wrong. I practice that a lot too because a quiet environment facilitates the hearing of the voice of God. It is an ambience that should encourage a believer who wants to enjoy a deep-rooted fellowship where a noisy world is shutout. There is nowhere in Scripture that the Bible says if a man is praying silently and does not lift up his voice loudly he won’t be heard. I believe that there is a place for a quiet environment to pray and spend time with God. Even though I pray under my breath a lot of the times, I still try to get to the secret place of prayer in order to hear God and understand some deeper revelations about him. Even human beings when somebody wants to tell you something that is secretive, they may take you away from the crowd to let you know so that no one hears what you are about to tell them. Some level of revelation and visions can only begotten if you have mastered the art of praying in a quiet place. This mode of praying silently that I am teaching you will keep you connected to the presence of God all the time. An addition of one hour or two in a day, where you look for a quiet place to spend time with God will give you the needed balance. It is in that quiet place that you can get to hear the heartbeat of God concerning what he wants you to do. Even divine instructions and visions can be communicated there. Adding just an hour later on to spend time with God will give you all the balanced that you need. After changing your notion of prayer, there is a need for you to maintain a balance.

However, if you want to rely on that concept of looking for a quiet place to pray, you will have a lot of trouble staying connected to God all the time. What happens when you are at your job or driving home after work? What happens when you are catching a train in the morning? What also happens when you go grocery shopping? Does that mean that all that balance of hours in the day will be left unutilized? It is my firm belief that praying all the time in this manner helps us to maximise our time. The Bible says that we should maximise our time because the days are evil. One way to maximise your time is by praying always. You see why your perspective on prayer must change. If you don’t change it, it will be difficult for you to flow all the time in constant communication with God.

How beautiful would it be for you to bring down the presence of God through prayer in everything you do! That will only become a possibility if you can pray all the time silently beneath your breath. In such a manner, you are always prepared for any eventuality that may come your way. The disciples of Jesus wanted to cast out a demon at the point in time. But they couldn’t do so. Jesus had to tell them that this type of demon is not easily cast out except if you are a man of prayer and a man of fasting. Jesus wasn’t telling his disciples to go and pray and even fast before coming to cast out a demon. Jesus was telling them that they ought to have been living a life of prayer and fasting every day of their lives so that when they meet a spirit of this nature, they can cast the spirit without any struggle. And that is what you will learn here the ability to stay in the place of prayer for as long as you desire.

The necessity of continual prayer

Luke 18:1

And he spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint;

Ephesians 6:18

Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;

Every child of God that you see on the face of the earth has been wired for one thing – prayer. The world is rapidly increasing in wickedness. Everywhere you turn to, there is one news of some bad things happening or the other. And if a believer does not make prayer his lifestyle, he can become a victim of the wickedness of this world. The Bible says in the book of Luke 18 verse one that men ought to always pray and not faint. It means that prayer can prevent you from fainting. The need for prayer cannot be overemphasised. The devil is working round the clock to see how he can get victims of his spiritual attacks.

Love and His Presence

All the Scriptures that we have referenced above attest to the need for continuous and continual prayer in the life of a believer. There is a popular saying that goes, the best time to prepare for war is in the time of peace. There are a lot of things that the enemy might be planning against you or evil men. You might not be aware of the plans but you can reach out to those plans of the devil and his agents through your prayer and destroy them. Satan does not serve you notice before he attacks you. In the same vein, the situations of life may not serve a notice before they invade into your space. But a man who had been living in prayer readiness will be able to handle all situations of life both human and satanic. If the devil throws any form of attack, he meets you with enough firepower to be able to repel it. God does not act in vain and any instruction he gives us is to profit our spiritual lives. God knows that in the last days wickedness and evil will increase so he tells believers to be prayerful all the time.

The presence of God is a shield to the children of God. The bible says they that dwell in the presence of God, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. If only we can learn to remain in the place of prayer all the time, some of the challenges we have been crying to the Lord for would have long vanished. Nothing can dwell under his shadow. No power or principality can find his shadow a place of comfort to stay in. They will be crushed by it. In the Book of Acts 9, the presence of the Lord in the life of Phillip was so overwhelming that unclean spirits were leaving people in their droves. They were tormented by the presence of the Lord. That is the secret of the power of God in the life of a child of God. If you can dwell in his presence, you will be shielded. Why do you think that the Lord continues to ring the bell of pray continually, pray always in the Bible? He wants us to pray so that his presence can pitch a perpetual tent in our lives. And his presence is the ultimate panacea to all satanic and human wickedness. And the principles in this book are geared towards teaching you this ever-abiding way of staying 24 hours in the presence of the Lord. If you can pray in this manner carefully under your breath, you can change and influence things beyond what you can ever imagine.

While the disciples were gloating over who Jesus is to others, Jesus once again brought the question home.

 He saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am? (Matthew 16:15)

Probably, when this question was asked, steep silence stole the air. They were wondering who Jesus is. We have been with him, heard his teaching, ate with him, and listened intently to his saying and even to his miraculous works. They saw so many miracles, yet this question was unsettling to them. While they lingered on, Peter said:

And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God. (Matthew 16:16)

Even Jesus commended this perfect answer:

And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven. (Matthew 16:17)

 You will notice what Jesus said after Peter gave him that superb answer, flesh, and blood did not reveal this to you, but my father which is in heaven.

 It means that the revelation of who the Holy Spirit is in your life must come from God. It is God that must give you that revelation. Whether he is a friend or a business partner or a colleague or a helper in whatever capacity, etc., that insight must come from God. And that is why it is necessary to seek the face of God and know the pattern and the plan of God for your life. It is when you’re able to know the plan and the pattern of God for your life that you will be able to work with the holy ghost. For those whose calling in life is to go into business, the Holy Spirit will be their business partner. For those whose calling is to go into ministry, the Holy Spirit will be their ministry partners. For those whose is calling in life is to be great intercessors, the Holy Spirit is that intercessory partner. For those whose calling is to serve a man of God or a bishop or a prophet, the Holy Spirit will be their greatest partner in service. To know who the Holy Ghost is in your life, first find out the plan of God for your life and align yourself with the spirit of God.

For me I have come to realize that the more obedient you become to the Holy Spirit, the easier it is for you to understand his role in your life. He is more than a friend even if he is a  business partner.

 Now I asked you this final question who do you say that the Holy Ghost is to you? Is he a friend? Or just a partner? Or is he a spirit that’s living inside of you so that you can speak in tongues alone.

One of the greatest prayers that I prayed when I gave my life to Jesus Christ was to find out the purpose of God for my life. I realized that God has a special plan for everyone he has created. The knowledge of that revelation changed my entire life.

My whole perspective of who the Holy Ghost is in my life has changed.

Yesterday, I was walking along a path ridden with weeds.  I was saying something to God outwardly. I heard the Holy Spirit said, “we are close friends we cannot be discussing these things right here.”  And when I went home that evening, I heard, “I Want to talk to you about what you said in the afternoon.”

He brought the same topic again and we talk about it.  I’ve come to know the Holy Spirit in my life to be  more than just a ministry partner. He is also a friend. Not only a friend but a bosom friend.

He is a personality who needs my attention just like any other person would.

Every morning, the moment I opened my eyes, I talk first to the Holy Spirit .

“Good morning, Holy Spirit .”

“How are you doing my son.”  He responded.

“I am fine.”  I answered.

Give the Holy Ghost his rightful place in your life. Don’t take  business decisions, family decisions, etc., without first consulting the your friend and partner — The Holy Ghost.

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