Hello, welcome to the Month of December. Blessing of the Lord is upon you. Blessing to all those who have joined our mailing list. We began our teaching on wisdom and prayers but we couldn’t complete it in the month of November. We will finish it today and begin a series for finishing the year strong in the Holy Ghost. Just two series of teaching and then one more about the season of Christmas.

You have prayed. You have fasted and you have also praised, you haven’t complained, you have dealt with all the little foxes, and you have been grateful. In fact, you have done all that was taught in the month of November.

And nothing happened.

The next fundamental thing that you need to do is to hold on. You’ve got to keep standing until what you have been praying for has entered into your hands. Are you trusting God for the fruit of the womb, keep holding on? Don’t throw in the towel. Hold fast to what you are expecting God to do until that word is fulfilled.

Ecclesiastes 11:4

He that observeth the wind shall not sow; and he that regardeth the clouds shall not reap.

We are already in the end of the year. If you have done all that you are supposed to do, all your prayer points are going to be answered. Just hold on and never give up. The key here is to stand until all that you have been praying is in your hands.

Add to your holding on brutal expectation that the Lord is going to bring to pass the expectation of your heart.  And by the mercies and the grace of God, all that you have been praying and trusting God for will come to pass before the end of this year in the name of Jesus.

By the wisdom that you have learned so far, all your prayers must be answered in the name of Jesus.

God bless you.


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